I’m not interested in superficial visits. If I go somewhere, I want to prepare myself thoroughly. Good preparation is half the work: what is the history, how did things come about, when were they created? That gives me more insight and that helps me come to a better conclusion. Look at these intricate details, how beautifully it is made! With travelling and change, you always end up in uncertain situations. You can’t anticipate all of the risks beforehand. I would prefer to have a complete understanding of the end goal and know as many details as possible about the route we are taking. What does the goal look like and why are we going that way? Sometimes I’m so busy adding up the risks that I don’t get around to taking the first steps. 

Chance can teach these independent travelers how to better use and trust the qualities of others. Make a difference between actual risks and “fatal fantasies”. Learn to enjoy the journey instead of doing everything by the book. Once they are on a journey, the cultural traveler usually surpasses the guide in their knowledge and insights.