Making changes without a goal, not something a mountain climber will go for. I set clear goals and the journey is just the means I use to reach the top of a unique place. Why should I waste time if my goals are already clear. How do I get where I want to go as quickly as possible. Spending too much time trying to come to an agreement with others just delays everything. I want to get to the top and people who do not share that goal do not have to come with me. It’s great that others have ideas about the future or about which direction we should go. But as a mountain climber I’m not interested in fellow travlers who do not put their full effort into the job at hand. 

“First think, then act” is more important than the mountain climber will admit. Good planning is usually a pre-requisite to achieving the goals. Besides that: You may clearly see the value of your goal, but is that also an attractive prospect for the other travelers? We teach mountain climbers to make a connection with planners and dreamers so that they can reach the top together.