Specialised areas

Multi-cultural Management Teams in Multinational Companies 
• Creating commitment to a collective goal and results
• Improving the rapport and bond within a team
• Communication and collaboration with headquarters
• Ben Tomesen has worked for international teams, usually from Dutch companies with operations in the US, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Hungary

Public housing organisations
• Anticipating social and political options related to social housing 
• Adapting the organisational culture and management profile to address changes 
• Improving operational management 
• Team development and Manager development 

Political Governance 
• 25 years of experience with municipal and provincial councils 
• Start up of new council teams 
• Guiding the process of changes in governmental organisations 
• Intervening in conflicts 
• Relationship between Municipal Council and Municipal Executive Board (Mayor and Aldermen)

Medical Associations 
• Development of collective entrepreneurship within your medical partnership 
(GAIA Accreditation)
• Team development based on Insight profiles 
• Collaboration and fusions between associations 
• Mediation for inter-personal conflicts 
• Ben Tomesen has been a speaker at the Topzorg Congress and was guest professor at STZ Head