Experienced professional in change management. Coming from a sociological background, he looks at issues from a social context. He is also aware of the systems within which people have to work and uses his psychological insights to make a profound connection with each individual. 

If there is one thing he stands for it is that he will not be easily swayed from his goal. He uses sharp insights and his trusted intuition to get to the soul of people and of an organisation. He is creative and single-minded in his efforts to bring people and systems into action. 

Educational background
• Rijks Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University): PhD Social and Cultural Sciences. Specialisation: Sociology and Social Psychology
• Nederlands Gestalt Instituut (Dutch Gestalt Institute): three year study in Gestalt Psychology 
• Facilitator of Foundation for Natural Leadership
• Accredited for Insights Discovery, Deeper Insights and Team Effectiveness
• The best school: travels through 65 countries in Europe, North and South America, Arica and Asia! 

Goals and Motivations

Ben Tomesen:
“Getting out the most there is to get!: That motivates me in my work with people and organisations. My job is to “match” the personal identities of people with the identity of the organisation in such a way that both can develop their full potential. 

Twenty five years experience in working with political leaders has taught me to quickly assess the interests of different parties and balance them against each other. In a situation that involves different interests, there is by definition friction, conflict of interests, clashes and other conflicts. I thrive on the energy that comes out of these situations and can usually succeed in turning this negative energy into productive energy. 

My active involvement with music and theatre has taught me how important a good performance is. That is true for commercial companies, community entrepreneurs, government organisations or for an effective management style.” 

Inspiration, élan enthusiasm and passion are sources within an organisation that I gladly tap into.
My way of working can be summed up as: Original, Provocative and Uniting