Change is like A journey

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Change is like A journey

Change is like a journey, sometimes with a clear destination, sometimes its destination is unknown

Traveller or tourist?

What kind of traveller are you?


As an adventurer, I am eager to discover new destinations. I can think outside the box and love to go where no one has gone before.


As a mountaineer, I am not looking for change without a purpose. I set clear goals, the journey is only a means to reach that one summit or unique place.

Group traveller

I like to travel in the company of people with whom I can share my experiences. Also, I am truly interested in the experience of my travel companions.

Cultural traveller

Superficial visits don’t do the trick for me. Before going somewhere, I want to take a deep dive into my destination.

Organisational Development

The strategy is often well thought out: where do we want to land? But tactics have also been taken into consideration:

The ‘tactical aspects’ of change, both in terms of insights and the right interventions, that is where we can have added value for you.

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Team Development & Coaching

Above all, team development should not be a normative process: we are not going to tell each other what we should and should not do. If you have to subordinate yourself to that, you will run away screaming or lose yourself in the process.

Leadership Development

By adapting yourself to your environment too much, you sometimes stray too far from your own personality. Back to your own nature, sometimes literally in nature.

Back to your authenticity, to who you want to be, to the question which footprint you want to leave behind on this planet.

To the value you want to add to your organization and your loved ones.

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Keynote Speech

De reis van de Verandering - Ben Tomesen

During the presentation, I link my years of experience in Change Management with the adventurous journeys I embarked upon in over 80 countries. With the same flair and imagination that have accompanied me on my travels, I will take you on your own journey of change.

About Ben

I help organizations travel

Experienced professional in Change Management. Stemming from his sociological background, he likes to involve the social context when dealing with issues, has an eye for the systems within which people have to function and knows how to get through to individuals with his psychological insight.

Ben Tomesen is an avid traveller, consultant and entrepreneur, who is fascinated by people who are curious and seek adventure.

 ‘Own Style, Autonomous & Independent’

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You Are Not a Man, You Don’t Have a Beard

De reis van de Verandering - Ben Tomesen

The Journey of Change drags the reader along to high summits and deep valleys, emotional confrontations, dangerous and funny occurrences. To adventures, sometimes experienced with blood, sweat and tears. Often, tears of happiness and emotion, too. They present the reader with a mirror: what kind of traveller are you?

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